Difference between beard balm and beard oil?


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What is the difference between a beard balm and beard oil?

A common question that we get asked both online and in our barbershop is what's the difference between the two?

Well the main difference between the balm and oil are the ingredients. As well as the oils, beard balm also contains butters and waxes, which enhance the conditioning effect and also provide a light hold. If you find wispy hair in your beard that tend to go out of place, the balm will help in giving a more controlled look. A tip for using beard balm is to remove a little at a time using the back of your thumb, then rub it between your hands ensuring it is completely melted before applying

On the other hand, beard oil is suitable for any beard length including stubble. Simply adjust the number of drops you're using to the length; ideally 2-3 drops for shorter beards and more for longer. Beard oil works effectively to moisturise and nourish the skin, as well as lightly condition the facial hair.

Why not pair the beard oil with the balm for all-in-one effect. Applying a little bit of balm first followed by some oil. Click here to view our beard oil and balm collection.